A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Put a mark on the board and vanquish foes in turn-based combat as a cute kitty! 

Level up as you engage in whisker warfare to unlock unique jobs and skills.

Interact with other cats to build lasting relationships. Cats hold grudges and remember favours that drive their actions and behaviour.

  • Fast paced turn-based tactical combat
  • Territory focused gameplay
  • Lots of unique jobs and skills
  • Dynamic and challenging AI
  • Persistent relationship system
  • High replayability
  • Original music by Rupert Cole


Updated 12 days ago
Published 27 days ago
StatusIn development
PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
AuthorIbe Denaux
Made withGodot
TagsCute, Pixel Art, Tactical RPG, Turn-based
Average sessionAbout a half-hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse
AccessibilityConfigurable controls, Interactive tutorial


Kitty Tactics demo - Windows 23 MB
Kitty Tactics demo - Mac 25 MB
Kitty Tactics demo - Linux 25 MB

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Hmm. A great game, but why exactly ain't tombstones passable terrain (or, why are they standing for sooooo long)? It makes small maps a real chore, especially when cornered by own family :(

(3 edits) (+1)

Hey, thanks for the nice comment! The impassable tombstones add to the fun in my opinion, but I have changed the timer in the development build so that it scales with map size. You can expect this change in the next update :)


All the cat-on-cat action i could ever hope for in a game. Had a blast playing it!

Thanks! Glad this game could scratch that itch!


Deceptively simple. It's like CK3 at its core, but with cats!

That is some high praise, thanks!


Hm. Hit my child with an axe by accident. But did not kill it. Not the best parent, but also not the worst.


Parenthood isn't easy, glad you're enjoying it!